Case study



Major re-position of the Chemistry Centre of WA brand to ChemCentre.

2008 - Objectives:

  • Develop a Brand Strategy to support the move to the Resources and Chemistry Precinct at Curtin University in 2008
  • Develop brand creative platform, and support brand implementation
  • Develop a Marketing Strategy to support a growing focus on securing commercial work


  • Board/Executive Brand Workshop and ongoing collaboration
  • External stakeholder in-depth interviews
  • Review of other relevant brands
  • Facilitated staff input on draft Brand Strategy
  • Project managed creative brand elements and sought extensive internal feedback
  • Established all creative brand components (logo, positioning, creative platform, corporate livery and communications materials)
  • Developed details Marketing Strategy with specific activities for each Division


  • Creation of ChemCentre brand and positioning of Expert Solutions which represented a reposition from the Chemistry Centre of WA
  • Initial creative materials developed including an extensive photographic library
  • Brand guidelines established
  • Recommendations on ongoing marketing expertise required

2013 Brand Review:

Rubis has recently undertaken a brand review for ChemCentre to ensure brand alignment with the new Vision and 5yr Strategic Plan. This resulted in some new branding elements that will build on the brand equity established and, more specifically, support key business objectives over the next 3-5 years.


We engaged Rubis at a key junction in our history, becoming a Statutory Authority and relocating to new premises at the Resources & Chemistry Precinct at Curtin University. Rubis earned the trust of our Board, Executive and staff to develop a Brand Strategy that would take us forward and yet retain ownership and pride in the organisation. The Strategy and key branding tools have enabled us to successfully implement the branding both externally and internally. Five years on, Rubis has undertaken a brand review that has outlined the next phase of our brand building. We continue to use Rubis to support our strategic brand and communications needs.

Peter Millington CEO